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Fly Fishing

Lodge owner Rick Kovacs specializes in the introduction of fly fishing and fly casting for beginners. He also guides for experienced fly fishing on rivers throughout the Adirondacks and on back-country ponds in and around the Five Ponds Wilderness.


  • Fly Casting Instruction-$50 per hour/person
  • Guided Full Day-$350 (1) $450 (2)
    • includes packed lunch
  • Guided Half Day-$250 (1) $350 (2)
  • Guided per hour-$50/hour on local water
  • Additional Guides available for larger parties.
  • Pond or River Float Trip-$450 per full day for up to 2 anglers $350 per 1/2 day for up to 2 anglers.
    • includes packed lunch


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