Lean-to Lunch Excursion

Hot chili on the trail!This weekend’s guests took advantage of our Lean-to Lunch Excursion.  They set out to snowshoe the Peavine Swamp trail in the Cranberry Lake Wild Forest, then met us at a traditional Adirondack lean-to on the bank of the Oswegatchie river.  There we prepared a warming fire and handed out cups of  hot chocolate.  Piping hot chili was dished out from the dutch oven  by the fire and paired with a cornmeal muffin.  And don’t forget the cookies!

The Peavine Swamp trail is great people of all types of athletic ability; three loops off the main trail allow you to tailor your outing to just your level and/or the time you want to spend on the trail.  The added bonus in the winter is the option to snowshoe or ski back on the frozen river, providing a completely different view of the winter wonderland.



Friends gather round the campfire

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